Here at Sewendy we are passionate about gorgeous fabrics and adore the current vintage and shabby chic styles which have awakened a new interest in sewing from a much younger generation. Fabric shops can be found on most high streets today brimming with a fantastic range of modern and classic designs. Mixing the old and new can create a style that is original to you.

We are sure you will find the perfect home accessory in a fabric that suites your style, if not for yourself why not offer one of our handmade accessories as a gift which is more meaningful and a pleasure to give than a mass produced one.

We often buy our fabric in small quantities so the range is always fresh and new. We like to offer a personal and friendly service, so if you need any advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Tea Cosy £15.99

The Tea Cosy…… It has stood the test of time, it is thought to be the Duchess of Bedford who established the popularity of afternoon tea in 1840. Afternoon tea was a time to gossip, catch up with friends. Women do like to natter and while this was going on the tea would get cold, so in the Victorian era motivated by decorating and covering objects, the tea cosy was born. A warm little coat to extend “Tea Time”

Today the Tea Cosy has made a revival, and can be found in many homes, with the shabby chic fashion in vogue at the moment there are many designs that would sit comfortably in the modern home.
Pompadour Bag £19.99

Pompadour bag……….A natty little drawstring bag that has many uses:

Fill with all your favourite lotions and potions

Keep your tights and stockings tidy and neat without the risk of snagging

Use it as a holiday travel bag

A pretty addition to decorate your bedroom or bathroom

Keep all your precious trinkets safe

A place to store your most sumptuous lingerie

The possibilities are endless…………………….
Hostess Gift Box £4.99

Why not present your hostess with a handmade gift box; she will be delighted to receive it filled with chocolates, sweets, or any kind of treat. Who would not welcome a gift that would last after the dinner party? It can then be used to offer snacks and nibbles at your next dinner party, or you could even purchase a selection of them to use as individual bread baskets that you can offer to your guests at the end of the evening.

Stuck for a gift idea at Christmas? Offer a hostess gift box in one of our pretty Christmas fabrics filled with treats for all the family, or place one on the Christmas dinner table with a small “table” present in for each of your diners. This will surely bring a smile to the face of even your youngest guests.
Pin Cushion £8.99

Never start your sewing project without one of our practical pin cushions, easy to use with its sturdy flower pot base.

An ideal gift for someone who likes to sew. They come in a variety of colours why not choose one to compliment the décor of your sewing room.

Pin cushions came into fashion being made of linen, canvas, satin and some elaborate embroidered ones. During the 1900’s pin cushions were a useful and practical sewing aid and became a household item. During the Victorian era the invention of the tomato shaped pin cushion possibly arrived from the tradition of placing a tomato on the mantelpiece of a new home to ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity to the home, when the tomato was not in season improvisation of filling a round piece of red fabric with sawdust and placing on the mantle which in turn became used as a pin cushion.
Double Oven Glove £17.99

Don’t run the risk of burnt wrists; use one of our double oven gloves to protect your arms. Thick insulating wadding will help get that hot dish to the table.

If you are the queen of cupcake baking then your oven glove is an essential part of your baking routine. Let your oven glove compliment your kitchen design and use as a functional item as well as decorative.
Lunch Tote Bag £15.99

Stuck for a smart practical bag? Look no further you have just found THE most practical, handy, stylish bag. This is the one you have been looking for!

Just the right size to carry your lunch to work or school, whether it is a sandwich or a plastic box filled with salad or fruit our tote bags are just the right size to accommodate the heartiest of lunches.

Too good for a lunch bag, why not use it as a funky alternative to your handbag. Buy a few in different colours to compliment your outfits; the possibilities are endless for this handy tote bag.

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